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My Grandmother's Turkish Coffee Recipe

What makes Turkish Coffee unique and apart from any other coffee types is the cooking technique. Turkish Coffee is the only coffee which we let to boil during the cooking. Yes, literally boil. So, here are the steps to make a delicious cup of Turkish Coffee:


1.     Fill the Turkish Coffee Cup with room temperature water and add it to the coffee pot. We use the coffee cup to measure the right amount of water since the Turkish Coffee will be served in the same coffee cup.

2.     For each serving, add 2 teaspoons of ground Turkish Coffee into the coffee pot. 2 teaspoons of Turkish Coffee weighs around 5 grams (or around 0.175 ounces). You can add little bit more or less coffee if you prefer stronger or lighter. You should experiment with the amount of coffee you add and find your perfect taste.

3.     Adding the sugar. Turkish Coffee is prepared differently. You add the sugar before cooking Turkish Coffee unlike adding sugar to other coffee types after it is ready. So, add the amount of sugar you prefer before putting the coffee pot on the stove. In Turkey, Turkish Coffee is usually served in 3 different types. No sugar (sade), medium sugar (orta žekerli) and with sugar (žekerli). You will need to add about 1 teaspoon of sugar (or 1 sugar cube) for medium sugar Turkish Coffee. Add more if you like to make it with extra sugar.

4.     Water, coffee and sugar is added. It is time to start cooking your Turkish Coffee. Put the coffee pot on the stove, and start stirring the mix in the coffee pot with a spoon. Remember to keep the stove on the lowest. You want to heat the coffee pot as slowly as you can. From putting the coffee pot on the stove to the boiling point, it usually takes around few minutes. Keep stirring until it’s all mixed. Caution: Do not leave the coffee pot on the stove. It will boil quickly and overflow leaving you with a mess.

5.     This is the fun part. Turkish Coffee tastes much better with more coffee foam (also known as froth). When the coffee pot starts heating up, you will see a layer of Turkish Coffee Foam forming in the coffee pot. After this foam starts forming and right before it starts boiling, take the coffee pot off the stove, and use a spoon to take this foam from the pot into the coffee cups. Share this foam evenly if you are making more than one cup of Turkish Coffee.

6.     Put the coffee pot back on the stove, and wait till it boils. My grandmother used to wait for it to boil and pour it into the coffee cups, but some prefer to repeat this boiling process up to 3 times. So, basically when the coffee starts boiling, take it off the stove, wait around 30 seconds, and put it on the stove again, and repeat the process. After you pour the coffee into the coffee cups, you are all set with cooking your Turkish Coffee.

Remember to serve Trukish Coffee with a glass of cold water. Since Turkish Coffee is all about socializing and hospitality, it is usually served with also some Turkish Delight.

Enjoy your cup of delicious Turkish Coffee.