Yasar Acar was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1978 as a manufacturer of brass material products and switched to manufacturing commercial coffee grinders in 1992. Yasar Acar was the family name of the founder of our Company.

For nearly half a century, Yasar Acar has manufactured Turkish precision coffee grinders and has grown with the industry's changing needs while simultaneously setting standards in the coffee grinding industry. The heart of the Yasar Acar grinder is the material and design of the grinding conical gear developed by Father Yasar Acar and individually milled to perfection at the Yasar Acar factory. The grinders are driven by HIGH-TORQUE conial gear system to withstand the heavy load encountered during fine grinding. The advantage of the grinding cone design is the fact that the coffee beans are cut down in size through multiple steps, resulting in uniform particle size according to the fineness selected. Most importantly, during the grinding, the coffee beans are not overheated; therefore, the roast condition of the beans is not affected.

Over the last 25 years, Yasar Acar has been working closely with Yasar Acar management in Istanbul to keep Yasar Acar grinders in tune with the needs of coffee professionals. Yasar Acar masters and Father own specialization background have helped Yasar Acar reach where it is today, setting grinding standards and leading the handmade industry.

In the mid-2000's, Yasar Acar Istanbul, opened its second office to greater serve the demands of the coffee industry.

Yasar Acar Istanbul has now centralized all services - sales, technical support, and shipping - from our new offices in Istanbul Europan side of Istanbul.