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Turkish Coffee Grinder


Turkish Coffee Grinder for an Advance Flavor


Turkish coffee grinder tends to disappear nowadays. Most of the new households that own one have it as a decorative item in their premises. Finding fresh roasted coffee beans is not an easy job. They are mostly sold in coffee specialty stores or online. Fresh ground Turkish coffee seems more reliable to consumers. The fast pace of life does not allow a lot of such small luxuries.
Why use a Turkish coffee grinder



Turkish coffee is the only powder-grind coffee in the world. Many electric grinders advertise a “Turkish style coffee grind”. NOT all of them though can create the correct “dust”. Turkish style coffee is like flour. There are no particles in its substance. A manual Turkish coffee grinder can just do that.

Traditionally, the households were preparing Turkish coffee after the grinding of roasted coffee beans. Turkish coffee grinder was the only utensil they used. They usually grounded the amount needed each time. This procedure gave them the opportunity to serve a coffee with intense aroma at all the times. The taste of Turkish coffee cooked with fresh ground beans is exceptional.

Acquiring a Turkish coffee grinder is actually an investment in the final taste of the coffee. Needless to say, that grinding coffee is a difficult and lengthy job. It offers though a pleasure of living the old times. The appreciation of a functional mechanism is another aspect of pleasure as well.

HOW Turkish coffee grinder appeared.
Shortly, after its mass production, the manual Turkish coffee grinder became a necessity for the most households. The introduction of the ready-made grind of Turkish coffee started shaking its importance. A lot of people began using the manufactured Turkish style coffee.

In the early times the Turkish coffee grinder was of square shape. Its main constructive material was wood. It could produce ground coffee enough for up to 4 servings. Today, the metallic coffee grinder is outraged the wooden one for durability reasons.

The Turkish coffee grinder is a main product of Turkey. A few other countries with Turkish coffee culture also produce some quantities. A good Turkish coffee grinder is usually made of brass or copper. It could be decorated with exclusive cultural designs or country of origin motifs. The traditional coffee grinder (“kahve degirmeni”) is long and tubular. It has a two-piece moving handle. A case for collecting the ground coffee is located at the bottom of the device.